NFC East Recap

Cowboys– The Cowboy roster on paper is always solid, however they fail to execute disappointing a huge fan following year after year. Big games remain a huge problem as they lost 4 out of the last 5 games down the stretch. Although Tony Romo, Jason Witten, and Dez Bryant played well, the running game needs someone in addition to Felix Jones. The defense looked lost at times, giving up big play after play and should begin to target some young defensive backs. Terence Newman enters his 10th year in the league and the secondary needs youth. DeMarcus Ware is still a beast and a pass rusher on the other side is needed. Interior offensive linemen are also a concern, and protecting Tony Romo remains one of Dallas’a main priorities.

Giants– An epic run that has given the franchise a new level of respect and Eli Manning is to thank, as a talented and deep roster should only get better and more experienced. The G-Men should be back to the playoffs next year, as Coughlin knows how to get his team to peak at the right time. The Giants will come into next year with loads of confidence and that is scary. With a nicely balanced offense and defense it wouldn’t surprise me if they won it all again.

Eagles: The buzz has already started, and experts are predicting Philadelphia to bounce back and cause a stir next year. With Michael Vick at QB the Eagles possess a weapon at QB that we have yet to see anywhere else. Offensively, the threat of LeSean McCoy, Michael Vick, DeSean Jackson, resembles a three- headed snake that has been tamed before but could strike and could be surprisingly unpredictable. A slow start last fall began to spin out of control and once things came together it was too late. Next year, could be different and a decent draft pick will add depth. On both sides of the ball statistically the Eagles were above average and offensively were in impressive ranking 9th in passing and 5th in rushing overall. The defense flies under the radar and they lack big name stars. This upcoming draft they will most likely target interior defensive line to solidify a defense that was very solid.

Redskins: Quarterback is an issue as Rex Grossman failed to solidify his role going into the future. The Redskins have several desperate needs, however WR should be at the forefront as Blackmon may be available. Running back is a problem while several backs carried the load and a sure fire game breaker has yet to emerge. Offensively, Jabar Gaffney and Fred Davis had great years, but a deep threat down the field could do wonders for team that ranked #26th in passing yardage. On defense the Skins need to concentrate on stopping the run. Linebacker London Fletcher and Brian Orakpo had outstanding campaigns in 2011, but the defensive line is a concern and needs help. The LB’s and DB’s stats became padded last year due to the lack of an upfront presence cause many tackles to be made down field.

You be the judge, that is if you aren’t wore out already…ratings for the Knicks are going through the roof and more people are ready to jump on the bandwagon. Just wait till Mellow comes back.

Floyd Mayweather is already using him to draw attention to himself…

“Jeremy Lin is a good player,” Mayweather tweeted Monday, “but all the hype is because he’s Asian. Black players do what he does every night and don’t get the same praise.”
Let it go Money Man…the kid’s earned it…

From Tebow to Lin Sportscenter has crowned a new king…

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Smoking hot beauty who has risen from no name, to national acclaim. Do you think Mark Sanchez is really thinking about football this off season. I wouldn’t be.

Fun Facts:
Born: St. Joesphs, Michigan in 1992
Measurements: (just in case you need them) 5ft 10in, 33D-25-36
Eyes: Blue/Green
Hair: Blonde
Discovered by IMG Models, has done work for Garage, Dooney & Bourke, Guess and of course Victoria’s Secret

Curves for days, and that face…gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous… all around winning…finally an All-American beauty to grace the cover…

Classic interview

202 career games
954 receptions
14,858 yards
153 TD’s

Wouldn’t mind seeing Randy make a come back…

Mamba Money Ball

Yao Ming/ Panda

Had to share… Hope everyone is having a great weekend…

During the National Championship game Jefferson was: 11/17, 53 yards, and 1 interception.

2011-12 Stats: 61/100, 737 yards, 6TD’s and 1INT
Career: Threw for 4733 yards, 34TD’s and 22INT’s

Jordan Jefferson started off his season at LSU last year on the wrong note, when charges were filed against the QB after his involvement in a Bar fight just off campus. LSU started strong without the deemed former starter and in game 4 began to work Jefferson into the offense, to throw off opposing defenses with his versatility. Ironically, his season that was beginning to show promise, ended just as bad on the field during the National Championship game, as the Tide ended the Tigers run at perfection and he made some bone headed decisions. Although Jefferson’s stats during this past season aren’t horrible, the players around him made it a lot easier. I don’t think Jefferson could run a spread and have to throw the ball 30 plus times a game. Many opponents can’t keep up with LSU and his run threat overwhelms defenses of lesser athletic ability. In the NFL you have to throw to win.

During his performance this past January, Jefferson looked rattled as the Tide overwhelmed LSU and took away standout WR Reuben Randle. The offense couldn’t push the ball down field and Jefferson is mainly to blame. During that performance with everything on the line Jefferson was disappointing and couldn’t come through in a game that was close and winnable given the offense would have put it together. The Tide took away routine runs that open up options against lesser quality opponents and took Jefferson out of his element. Instead of an easy first read he was forced to check down to 3rd and 4th receivers and by this time the play was long gone. This scheme parallels what NFL defenses’ emphasize and is one of the reason’s QB’s like Tebow struggle to make throws and be consistent. The ability to throw the football wins out every-time.

Draft Stock:
Jordan Jefferson reminds me of a hoard of athletic quarterbacks who fail to make an impact at the next level given their natural physical ability. Jefferson needs to work on his pocket movement and the fluidity of his throwing motion. The National Championship game was the best audition Jefferson will ever get the chance at and he failed. The Tide’s defense laden with NFL talent shut him down, and took away the pass. Jefferson was pressing throws, and looking for the big play later in the game, however lacked the ability to survey down the field. The NFL will not put up with Jefferson’s antics and will question his character, maturity and professionalism after the incident last fall. I’m not saying it can’t happen for this kid, he just has a lot of improvements to make a case for himself as an early round or even late round draft choice.

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