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Brad Richards’ OT Game Winner

Sweet Shot

Josh Hamilton’s Addiction

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Given that Josh Hamilton is a grown man, it perplexes me that he has had so much attention after drinking a few beers at a bar and “relapsing”. My opinion plain and simple, let the man figure his life out for himself. This is not a monetary issue, every human being in the world rich or poor needs to take responsibility for their own substance abuse mishaps. Is a person that has a few beers an alcoholic? Do they somehow have a disease? No, it is Josh Hamilton’s bouts with other drugs that have driven the media into a panic. A man who has battled cocaine, heroin and various other vices, Hamilton has emerged into a huge MLB star and is the staple player for an up and coming Texas Rangers team. His story is unique, heart wrenching, and has a happy ending, or does it? A man who went from his grandma’s couch to hitting balls 400 plus feet in the All Star game. Josh has obviously demonstrated the ability to concentrate on baseball before, but can he do it again?

Can Josh uplift himself from the issues that drove him to use alcohol weeks ago and remain sober. This is not about baseball, and thats what bothers me. It may be that Josh Hamilton has a clause in his contract, that accounts for his issues off the field. Media resources act like they have the best interest for Josh, however it all comes back to his production on the baseball field and the cash that flows along. If he was a raging alcoholic hitting 50 plus homers a year, people would be asking how does he do that? The bottom line is Josh has to find it within himself to control his cravings. Media outlets need to realize that in no way shape or form will they be able to stop him. Last time I checked alcohol isn’t illegal, but it is the stem for all other drug use to come. Hamilton will be fine as it looks like he has a strong support system in place around him…. I’m pretty sure plenty of MLB players have a beer once and awhile? But can Hamilton control it? Is it really a “disease” or is it about desire and the ability to stop. What do you think?

All-Cocaine Team Breakdown

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Was surfing Busted today and came across this list of 1980’s infamous baseball players known for their use of cocaine. What a great list.

The list included: Tim Raines, Willie Wilson, Pedro Guerrero, Darryl Strawberry, Dave Parker, Keith Hernandez, Dale Berra, Derrell Porter, Paul Molito and Steve How.

Quick Breakdown:

Tim Raines- Border line hall of famer .294 career average
Willie Wilson- Fast on the KC astro turf
Pedro Guerrero- Powerful bat in Dodger lineup
Darryl Strawberry- 5 tools and then some
Dave Parker- Had a cannon in right field
Keith Hernandez- Steady glove and bat
Dale Berra- Not his dad, but played
Darrell Porter- Won world series with Cardinals
Joaquin Andujar- Hot head
Paul Molitor-5 tool guy 3000 hits for the Brewers
Steve Howe- Cocaine in the bullpen… Good arm

We had to give some credit to Dwight Gooden…

Patriots and Giants playoff highlights

2008 Super Bowl revisit

In 2008 passing, rushing, receiving leaders

Final Score NE: 14 NY: 17

Manning 19/34 255 YDS AVG 7.5 2 TD 1 INT
Brady 29/48 266 YDS 5.5 AVG 1 TD O INT

Bradshaw 9 CAR 45 YDS 5.0 AVG 0 TD 13 LG
Maroney 14 CAR 36 YDS 2.6 AVG 1 TD 9 LG

Toomer 6 REC 86 YDS 14.0 AVG 0 TD 38 LG
Welker 11 REC 103 YDS 9.4 AVG 0 TD 19 LG

Randall Cobb #18 Green Bay Packers

Randall Cobb, became the first player born in the 1990s to play a down in the NFL, after being drafted by the Packers 64th overall in the 2nd Round of the 2011 Draft. In the opening week of the 2011 season, Cobb quickly established himself as a legitimate threat as he returned a kickoff 108 yards and caught a 32 yard- touch down against the New Orleans Saints. Although Cobb’s stats are not gaudy, his rookie season has been a success. He caught 25 balls for 375 yards and 1 score despite being overshadowed by a plethora of receivers.

The coming years should be bright, for #18 as he should continue to improve. Cobb’s quickness, athletic ability and his diversity bring many options to the Packers and their offensive schemes. It also happens to be true that Cobb is a nice guy, as I sent 2 cards away to the team and received 1 autograph back. Although this is not a highly prized autograph, it is definitely nice to have, due to the fact Cobb could explode into a bigger role in the near future and could possibly have a championship under his belt.

Congrats to Barry Larkin

Played shortstop for the Cincinnati Reds from 1986-2004 and was a key player on the 1900 World Series championship team.

Career Stats:
BA: .295
HR’s: 198
Hits: 2,340
Runs Batted In: 960
Stolen Bases: 379

12 time All-Star
3 time Gold Glove Award Winner
9 time Silver Slugger Award Winner
1995 NL MVP
1993 Roberto Clemente Award
1994 Lou Gehrig Memorial Award

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