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Linsanity..Here to stay?

You be the judge, that is if you aren’t wore out already…ratings for the Knicks are going through the roof and more people are ready to jump on the bandwagon. Just wait till Mellow comes back.

Floyd Mayweather is already using him to draw attention to himself…

“Jeremy Lin is a good player,” Mayweather tweeted Monday, “but all the hype is because he’s Asian. Black players do what he does every night and don’t get the same praise.”
Let it go Money Man…the kid’s earned it…

From Tebow to Lin Sportscenter has crowned a new king…

Game Winning Shot: Kobe Bryant vs. Raptors

Mamba Money Ball

Yao Ming/ Panda

Had to share… Hope everyone is having a great weekend…

Game Winning Shot Austin Rivers @ North Carolina

Kid’s a rising star… Doc Rivers must be one proud dad

Dirk Nowitzki back in the mail

I was surprised today to find that 2011 Dallas, Maverick champion forward Dirk Nowitzki signed my cards and sent them back to me in the mail after I sent 2 cards to his home address. What a humble great human being. I really love players who keep the fans close to their hearts and don’t think they are so high and mighty that they refuse to sign autographs or do fan mail. Power to Dirk!!!!

Blake Griffin Dunk

this kid is crazy

should be plenty more of these to come

Lake Show @ Bucks

Lakers head to Milwaukee to confront B Jennings and the Bucks….

If your a basketball this kid

Next Chicago Chosen one?

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