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1. Kenny Bigelow: DT
HS: Red Lion Christian Academy
Home: Delaware >
Size: 6’3″, 280
Committed to USC 11/30/2011
Analysis: A road grader, who is huge and able to run effectively despite his big frame. Some of his highlights wowed me as he caught passes out of the backfield and even played linebacker with agility. He has surprising closing speed for a guy his size. During plays he, keeps working and shows that he has a motor. This is his 2010 tape, so since then surely he has gained a few pounds and may be used more on the line of scrimmage.

2. Caleb Brantley: DT
HS: Crescent City High School
Home: Crescent City, Florida
Size: 6’2″, 294
Committed to Florida 1/28/2012
Analysis: A Force in the middle, who is very disruptive with his initial burst. Keeps working down the line and is able to chase down plays. Doesn’t look physically dominate on tape, but is a natural playmaker, who stays low and controls the line often flowing into tackles. Later his highlight tape becomes fun to watch as he makes play after play in the backfield. Had 101 tackles 34 TFL and 5 sacks during his Junior season.

3. Adam Breneman: TE
HS: Cedar Cliff High School
Home: Camp Hill, Pennsylvania
Size: 6’5″, 225
Analysis: Has the physical tools to make an impact in college, become stronger and add muscle. Runs good routes and has soft hands. Not super fast, but a long strider and has the ability to break tackles. Could be nightmare for DB’s in the years to come if he continues to progress. Highlights are impressive, however doesn’t look like his competition is anything special. Most of the DB’s are half his size on the tape. 70 catches, 1,120 yards, 12TD’s

4. Max Browne: QB
HS: Skyline High School
Home: Sammamish, Washington
Size: QB, 6’4″, 205
-Analysis: Excellent pocket presence, size and awareness. A big kid who can run if need be and is very comfortable when moving. Can make all the throws, and is able squeeze balls into tight windows down the field. Has touch and eyes are always looking for the open man in coverage. Browne has great control of his arm strength showing he can hit intermediate throws with touch. Will be interesting to see how he does when he adds more weight to his lengthy frame. 288/411 (70%) 4,031 yards, 45TD’s and 7 interceptions, appearing in 14 games.

5. Greg Bryant: RB
HS: American Heritage
Home: Delray Beach, Florida
Size: 5’10”, 205
Analysis: A short strider with great lateral ability. Demonstrates a knack for finding the open hole then bursting. Uses his upper body effectively as he fakes out defenders with ease and is very agile on his feet. Not a burner, but quick enough to make plenty of people miss at the next level.

Sweet Shot

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Given that Josh Hamilton is a grown man, it perplexes me that he has had so much attention after drinking a few beers at a bar and “relapsing”. My opinion plain and simple, let the man figure his life out for himself. This is not a monetary issue, every human being in the world rich or poor needs to take responsibility for their own substance abuse mishaps. Is a person that has a few beers an alcoholic? Do they somehow have a disease? No, it is Josh Hamilton’s bouts with other drugs that have driven the media into a panic. A man who has battled cocaine, heroin and various other vices, Hamilton has emerged into a huge MLB star and is the staple player for an up and coming Texas Rangers team. His story is unique, heart wrenching, and has a happy ending, or does it? A man who went from his grandma’s couch to hitting balls 400 plus feet in the All Star game. Josh has obviously demonstrated the ability to concentrate on baseball before, but can he do it again?

Can Josh uplift himself from the issues that drove him to use alcohol weeks ago and remain sober. This is not about baseball, and thats what bothers me. It may be that Josh Hamilton has a clause in his contract, that accounts for his issues off the field. Media resources act like they have the best interest for Josh, however it all comes back to his production on the baseball field and the cash that flows along. If he was a raging alcoholic hitting 50 plus homers a year, people would be asking how does he do that? The bottom line is Josh has to find it within himself to control his cravings. Media outlets need to realize that in no way shape or form will they be able to stop him. Last time I checked alcohol isn’t illegal, but it is the stem for all other drug use to come. Hamilton will be fine as it looks like he has a strong support system in place around him…. I’m pretty sure plenty of MLB players have a beer once and awhile? But can Hamilton control it? Is it really a “disease” or is it about desire and the ability to stop. What do you think?

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Was surfing Busted today and came across this list of 1980’s infamous baseball players known for their use of cocaine. What a great list.

The list included: Tim Raines, Willie Wilson, Pedro Guerrero, Darryl Strawberry, Dave Parker, Keith Hernandez, Dale Berra, Derrell Porter, Paul Molito and Steve How.

Quick Breakdown:

Tim Raines- Border line hall of famer .294 career average
Willie Wilson- Fast on the KC astro turf
Pedro Guerrero- Powerful bat in Dodger lineup
Darryl Strawberry- 5 tools and then some
Dave Parker- Had a cannon in right field
Keith Hernandez- Steady glove and bat
Dale Berra- Not his dad, but played
Darrell Porter- Won world series with Cardinals
Joaquin Andujar- Hot head
Paul Molitor-5 tool guy 3000 hits for the Brewers
Steve Howe- Cocaine in the bullpen… Good arm

We had to give some credit to Dwight Gooden…

AFC West Recap

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Broncos(8-8)– Tim Tebow will be the starter going into next year despite all the media controversy that will continue. The Bronco’s came on at the end of the year, but lacked the talent to make a deep playoff run. The offense ranked #1 overall rushing the ball, however the passing game was on and off and unable to accumulate an excess of touchdowns. Defensively, the Bronco’s have promise in 1st year player Von Miller who had an outstanding year with 11.5 sacks. The LBs DJ Williams and Wesley Woodyard played well, however the defensive secondary needs improvement. Bottom line is that Tebow must develop into a more polished passer, and next year will be his time to put to rest doubters. Although rumors will start about the Bronco’s taking a QB to putt pressure on Tebow, I feel they will concentrate on other issues such as the defense.

Chargers(8-8)– Roster shake-ups are needed this offseason in order to stay competitive going into next year. The defense was alright but could get better. With several offensive players such as Jackson most likely Matthews locked in, the Chargers should concentrate on defense and protecting Philip Rivers, or picking up a big playmaker. With the exit of Marcus Mcneill San Diego needs to get an impact offensive line man and resort to some big free agency pickups outside of what’s normal for them. This team has some viable tools to make a run, however Philip Rivers must have a rebound type year and cut down on the picks.

Raiders(8-8)– For a while I thought the Raiders would make noise last year however the defense cost them late in the year. With the acquisition Carson Palmer options at QB are good, however I doubt he is the full circle answer. Offensively, Michael Bush, Darren McFadden and Heyward Bey were impressive as the Raiders were top 10 in both rushing and passing. Defensively Ronaldo Mclain had an excellent year, but the defensive line needs help and so does the secondary in order to make a stir in what should be a competitive division once again. Without a first round draft pick they will have to make up for it later in New York with quality late round choices.

Chiefs(7-9)– With the return of Matt Cassel healthy they could be a decent team. They have the athletes to work with on offense, as Mccluster and Bowe are game breakers. The defense is led by Derrick Johnson who is in his prime in addition to Jovan Belcher, and Tamba Hali who at times played very well this past season. With the return of Eric Berry in the secondary, the Chiefs could gain a lot of ground. Going into next year given that Brandon Flowers had a great 2011 performance with 4 interceptions the DB’s should improve. With a high draft the Chiefs will most likely concentrate on defense in order to solidify a unit that showed promise. A huge win over Green Bay last year is definitely a solid place to start.

Kid’s a rising star… Doc Rivers must be one proud dad

NFC North Review

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Packers (15-1) : Are young and loaded, however need to pick up a game changer in the backfield. If the defense can pick it up after this year and Rogers continues to play spectacular then Green Bay should be fine. Their defense remains solid with Matthews, Woodson, Williams and Collins however they need a pass rusher off the edge. O-line was an issue so could pick up some fillers.

Bears (8-8): Jay Culter played well this year until he got hurt, however Matt Forte carried most of the load. Need to eventually land a big play receiver to take the pressure off Culter. Defensively they were a middle of the road team, and have room to improve defending the pass. With Briggs, Urlacher, and Tillman they have the building blocks to succeed however must move quickly.

Lions (10-6): Became an passing offensive power house this season as Matt Stafford showed maturity and evolved in a competitor with an elite receiver in Calvin Johnson. Next year a more consistent running attack, and better defense could propel the Lions back into the playoffs. The Lions need more defensive production especially in the defensive backfield as they gave up a lot of points during the end of the seasons. Immaturity problems need to stop from stars such as Ndamukong Suh.

Vikings(3-13): Franchise is at a cross -roads however Christian Ponder may be the QB of the future if he makes some improvements in the off- season. Adrian Peterson may be on the decline after his knee injury however his rehab has been going well, and the WR core is desperate for another threat. The secondary needs aid as their division has become nightmare through the air. Additionally the offensive line needs help, and it should be addressed as top priority when moving forward with a young passer.

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