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All-Cocaine Team Breakdown

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Was surfing Busted today and came across this list of 1980’s infamous baseball players known for their use of cocaine. What a great list.

The list included: Tim Raines, Willie Wilson, Pedro Guerrero, Darryl Strawberry, Dave Parker, Keith Hernandez, Dale Berra, Derrell Porter, Paul Molito and Steve How.

Quick Breakdown:

Tim Raines- Border line hall of famer .294 career average
Willie Wilson- Fast on the KC astro turf
Pedro Guerrero- Powerful bat in Dodger lineup
Darryl Strawberry- 5 tools and then some
Dave Parker- Had a cannon in right field
Keith Hernandez- Steady glove and bat
Dale Berra- Not his dad, but played
Darrell Porter- Won world series with Cardinals
Joaquin Andujar- Hot head
Paul Molitor-5 tool guy 3000 hits for the Brewers
Steve Howe- Cocaine in the bullpen… Good arm

We had to give some credit to Dwight Gooden…

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