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NFC North Review

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Packers (15-1) : Are young and loaded, however need to pick up a game changer in the backfield. If the defense can pick it up after this year and Rogers continues to play spectacular then Green Bay should be fine. Their defense remains solid with Matthews, Woodson, Williams and Collins however they need a pass rusher off the edge. O-line was an issue so could pick up some fillers.

Bears (8-8): Jay Culter played well this year until he got hurt, however Matt Forte carried most of the load. Need to eventually land a big play receiver to take the pressure off Culter. Defensively they were a middle of the road team, and have room to improve defending the pass. With Briggs, Urlacher, and Tillman they have the building blocks to succeed however must move quickly.

Lions (10-6): Became an passing offensive power house this season as Matt Stafford showed maturity and evolved in a competitor with an elite receiver in Calvin Johnson. Next year a more consistent running attack, and better defense could propel the Lions back into the playoffs. The Lions need more defensive production especially in the defensive backfield as they gave up a lot of points during the end of the seasons. Immaturity problems need to stop from stars such as Ndamukong Suh.

Vikings(3-13): Franchise is at a cross -roads however Christian Ponder may be the QB of the future if he makes some improvements in the off- season. Adrian Peterson may be on the decline after his knee injury however his rehab has been going well, and the WR core is desperate for another threat. The secondary needs aid as their division has become nightmare through the air. Additionally the offensive line needs help, and it should be addressed as top priority when moving forward with a young passer.

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