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Jordan Jefferson: Pleads not guilty to charges of assault

During the National Championship game Jefferson was: 11/17, 53 yards, and 1 interception.

2011-12 Stats: 61/100, 737 yards, 6TD’s and 1INT
Career: Threw for 4733 yards, 34TD’s and 22INT’s

Jordan Jefferson started off his season at LSU last year on the wrong note, when charges were filed against the QB after his involvement in a Bar fight just off campus. LSU started strong without the deemed former starter and in game 4 began to work Jefferson into the offense, to throw off opposing defenses with his versatility. Ironically, his season that was beginning to show promise, ended just as bad on the field during the National Championship game, as the Tide ended the Tigers run at perfection and he made some bone headed decisions. Although Jefferson’s stats during this past season aren’t horrible, the players around him made it a lot easier. I don’t think Jefferson could run a spread and have to throw the ball 30 plus times a game. Many opponents can’t keep up with LSU and his run threat overwhelms defenses of lesser athletic ability. In the NFL you have to throw to win.

During his performance this past January, Jefferson looked rattled as the Tide overwhelmed LSU and took away standout WR Reuben Randle. The offense couldn’t push the ball down field and Jefferson is mainly to blame. During that performance with everything on the line Jefferson was disappointing and couldn’t come through in a game that was close and winnable given the offense would have put it together. The Tide took away routine runs that open up options against lesser quality opponents and took Jefferson out of his element. Instead of an easy first read he was forced to check down to 3rd and 4th receivers and by this time the play was long gone. This scheme parallels what NFL defenses’ emphasize and is one of the reason’s QB’s like Tebow struggle to make throws and be consistent. The ability to throw the football wins out every-time.

Draft Stock:
Jordan Jefferson reminds me of a hoard of athletic quarterbacks who fail to make an impact at the next level given their natural physical ability. Jefferson needs to work on his pocket movement and the fluidity of his throwing motion. The National Championship game was the best audition Jefferson will ever get the chance at and he failed. The Tide’s defense laden with NFL talent shut him down, and took away the pass. Jefferson was pressing throws, and looking for the big play later in the game, however lacked the ability to survey down the field. The NFL will not put up with Jefferson’s antics and will question his character, maturity and professionalism after the incident last fall. I’m not saying it can’t happen for this kid, he just has a lot of improvements to make a case for himself as an early round or even late round draft choice.

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