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AFC West Recap

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Broncos(8-8)– Tim Tebow will be the starter going into next year despite all the media controversy that will continue. The Bronco’s came on at the end of the year, but lacked the talent to make a deep playoff run. The offense ranked #1 overall rushing the ball, however the passing game was on and off and unable to accumulate an excess of touchdowns. Defensively, the Bronco’s have promise in 1st year player Von Miller who had an outstanding year with 11.5 sacks. The LBs DJ Williams and Wesley Woodyard played well, however the defensive secondary needs improvement. Bottom line is that Tebow must develop into a more polished passer, and next year will be his time to put to rest doubters. Although rumors will start about the Bronco’s taking a QB to putt pressure on Tebow, I feel they will concentrate on other issues such as the defense.

Chargers(8-8)– Roster shake-ups are needed this offseason in order to stay competitive going into next year. The defense was alright but could get better. With several offensive players such as Jackson most likely Matthews locked in, the Chargers should concentrate on defense and protecting Philip Rivers, or picking up a big playmaker. With the exit of Marcus Mcneill San Diego needs to get an impact offensive line man and resort to some big free agency pickups outside of what’s normal for them. This team has some viable tools to make a run, however Philip Rivers must have a rebound type year and cut down on the picks.

Raiders(8-8)– For a while I thought the Raiders would make noise last year however the defense cost them late in the year. With the acquisition Carson Palmer options at QB are good, however I doubt he is the full circle answer. Offensively, Michael Bush, Darren McFadden and Heyward Bey were impressive as the Raiders were top 10 in both rushing and passing. Defensively Ronaldo Mclain had an excellent year, but the defensive line needs help and so does the secondary in order to make a stir in what should be a competitive division once again. Without a first round draft pick they will have to make up for it later in New York with quality late round choices.

Chiefs(7-9)– With the return of Matt Cassel healthy they could be a decent team. They have the athletes to work with on offense, as Mccluster and Bowe are game breakers. The defense is led by Derrick Johnson who is in his prime in addition to Jovan Belcher, and Tamba Hali who at times played very well this past season. With the return of Eric Berry in the secondary, the Chiefs could gain a lot of ground. Going into next year given that Brandon Flowers had a great 2011 performance with 4 interceptions the DB’s should improve. With a high draft the Chiefs will most likely concentrate on defense in order to solidify a unit that showed promise. A huge win over Green Bay last year is definitely a solid place to start.

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