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Super Bowl 46 Recap

The Giants receivers played unstoppable football in a 21-17 victory over the Patriots

-Manning impressed completing 75% of his passes and was stunning on 3rd downs. Well deserving of the games MVP
-Bradshaw ran physically averaging 4.2 yards a carry.
-Nicks name was called often as he caught 10 balls

Quick Notes:
-Brady must feel awful after loosing to Manning not once but twice, however he played pretty well and should get one more shot at a super bowl sometime down the road.
-The Giants continued with their swag as the Patriots got off to a slow start with a safety on the first play of the opening possession.
-The Giants looked to me as a team that was destined to continue their roll as Eli Manning threaded the needle all day against a Patriots defense that kept the run in check.
-Gronkowski looked like a shadow of himself as his ankle must have been killing him later in the game. Hernandez and Welker played well however failed to execute the big play.
-The Patriots defense was led by Mayo and Spikes who combined for 22 total tackles.
-Boley led a Giants defense who continued to thrive as Tom Brady had to worry about pressure most of the evening.
-The Cruz chants were held to a minimum as he only caught 4 balls for 8 yards, he mainly acted as a decoy in order to spread out coverages and open up lanes for Manningham and Nicks who embarassed the Patriots secondary.
– Overall the game lived up to expectations as quality defense held two flashy offenses in check. The ending of the game was intense and easily could have been one of the greatest endings of all time if Brady somehow completed that last hail mary. Congrats to a New York Giants team that had an uncanny ability to thrive as the pressure rose. Eli Manning has cemented himself into the upper echelon of NFL Quarterbacks and can now be talked about in the same sentence as his older brother. The Giants have proved that records during the year don’t hold their value as they transformed from a team that was 7-7 into a team that peaked at all the right times and came through for a majority of the public who took the Giants as the trendy pick to cover a 3 point spread. From Atlanta into historic Lambeau, out to the west coast the Giants proved that going on the road once again can build the confidence needed to exceed in super situations.

I feel sorry for Tom but not too sorry…

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